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Dear heart,Hi nice to meet you. I am very pleased you are interested in my work. Thank you for taking your time in spending a few minutes of your life in reading what we have to offer. A lot of people are afraid of mediums and it doesn't have to be this way. Since I was very young I always wanted to be there for others and to figure out why we are here on this planet. Mediumship has always been my biggest interest because I've seen the other side since the age of 8 .My whole training has been brought together through and with the other side and that's why I wanted to be there for those who want to develop their own mediumship abilities. Recently Isabelle has given her certifcate of the Spiritual National Union for speaking and demonstrating . CSNU at the school of mediumship the Arthur Findlay college.This certificate proofs she is a qualified genuine respected medium recognised by the Union. I don't label my work. I work for spirit and not only for any organisation. we are all one and work under the same sun.

We offer 1 2 1 readings, here in Antwerp and over skype, and wherever you are, do you want to be our ghost host in the near future? Don't hestitate to contact us.Personal coaching ,explanation of your circle of life.Clairvoyant advice assertivity as your strength.Helping you to sit in the power of spirit.Mental MediumshipTrance MediumshipPsychic photography and sittings in red lighttelephonereadings, one to one readings, mediumship, personal coaching and advise for your road of life can be offered

What my professors say about my recent work ....Your essay achieved 95%! Well done and worth all the hard work I'm sure. Comments were"WOW, I loved this essay, I wish every professing Spiritualist could read it, they would certainly learn and be inspired. So much thought has gone into it and it has paid off. "and"This is a very well thought out comprehensive answer On a complicated subject."This means you have got 93% overall. Grade A!!! Congratulations!

Isabelle is playing Bach on her piano just for you Goldberg Variations BWV988 Enjoy the music

isabelle gives sittings in London 18 19 and 20 oktober Sint Giles hotel Bedford avenue Camden,WC1B3GH UKFee is £40 for a sitting of 45 min. If you are interestedcall 0032472564824 

Spiritual Mental and Trance Medium

Isabelle Duchêne

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